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We are Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter of Expansion Joints, Ducting Expansion Joints, High Temperature Air Ducting Expansion Joints, Air Ducting Expansion Joints, Rubberised Expansion Joints and our setup is situated in Pune, Maharashtra, India.

Ducting Expansion Joints
Installed as flexible joints in Air, Fuel Gas ducts to compensate for Thermal Expansion, Vibration & Noise Dampening & Duct Axis Misalignments. Our joints can be designed & manufactured to compensate for various possible duct movements as shown below.

We have the required technical expertise alongwith suitable fabrication facilities to manufacture a wide range of expansion joints. We can supply basic joints made of Thick Canvas, PVC coated Nylon Fabric used for Ducting Applications in Air Flow Systems as well as highes end, high temperature expansion joints. Made of composite, mlutilayered fabrics such as silicone fibreglass, teflon etc., using high temperature sustaining threads for stitching. Our expansion joints are made in flat 'BAND' type, as well as 'U' type of belt. Featured below are some of typical metal flange / frame configurations.

Our Expansion Joints are available in following shapes :
• Rectangular
• Tapering (Conical Frustrum)
• Square
• Rounds

Apart from the above standard shapes, we can custom design one as per yours specific needs.

Rubberised Expansion Joints

• Metal Baffles :
As seen in our BF Range of Expansion Joint Designs, these Baffles protect the flexible element from the abrasive & corrosive particles in the air / gas flow stream, casing an smooth air flow & avoiding turbulence & heat accumulation.
• Cavity Insulation Pillow :
We can provide an Insulation Pillow between the flexible element & the Metal Baffle or kines and help prevent the accumulation of particulate mattes & in some application joint cavity. These Pillows are make of fibreglass or ceramic material.
• Fly Ash Seal :
Wire Mesh type seal can also be provided in conjunction with the above mentioned features, to prevent Fly ash & other solid particle accumulation.