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We are Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter of Bellow Covers, Heat Sealed Bellows, Thermically Welded Leak Proof Bellows, Thermic Welded Bellows, Stitched Bellows, Laminated Bellows, Folded Bellows, High Temperature Stitched Bellows, Metal Flap Bellows, Splatter Proof Bellows, Genuine Leather Bellows, Leather Paper Bellows, Scissor Lift Bellows, Cement Plant Hopper Feed Bellows, Velcro Spilt Bellows, Laser Marking Machine Bellows, Camera Bellows, Cable Wrapping Sleeves, Flexible Sleeve, Welding Curtains, Welding Blankets, Robo Covers, Robot Covers. Our setup is situated in Pune, Maharashtra, India.
Heat Sealed / Thermically Welded Leak Proof Bellows
These are the most popular bellows currently made by us. they are made on completely imported machines using imported pvc coated nylon fabric. These bellows don't have any kind of stitching or pasting involved making them leakproof against coolant flow, grinding dust and very small chips. These bellows are made by welding rigid pvc stifners into each and every pleat/ corrugation of the pleated bellow fabric.

We can make pleats sizes ranging from 10mm till 100 mm.
Further more we can add s.s. laser cut metal flaps / lamillae on the outer edges of the bellow, by special imported spring clips and make the bellow more stronger.
We can make bellows in any size and shape in this type of construction.

Thermic Welded Bellows

Stitched Bellows In Various Fabrics And Rexines

In Sewn Bellows, individual 'Leafs' of fabric / industrial rexine are stitched to each other at the seams to form a Rugged & a Aesthetic Joint Being proven & traditional, this method is very successful for Round Bellows in partial & 'C' shaped Way Covering Bellows in general.

Material (Commonly Used) :
• Foam Leather
• Genuine Leather (Chrome Leather)
• PVC Coated Nylon Fabric
• Canvas
Shapes :
• Square
• Round
• 'C' Shape
• 'L' Shape
• 'J' Shape, (Limitless Possibilities)

Laminated / folded bellows for machine protection

These kind of Bellows are also one of the oldest kinds & most commonly used. Here Coolant / Dust Proof fabrics are pasted on various Laminating Materials for Rigidity & Stability. These Bellows are Seamless and are suitable for Dry Applications, Where chip load is less. They provide excellent dust proof protection.

Material (Most Common) :
• Nylon Rexine on Film ( Lamination )
• Canvas Gloved to Film ( Lamination )
Shapes :
• Square & Rectangles
• Polygons (Octagon, Hexagons)
• 'G', 'J' Shapes

Flexible Sleeve In Silicon

Flexible Sleeve in silicon rubber wiith polyster fabric reinforcement rubbrised nitrial & neoprene fabric